Vulnerability Assessments


What is a vulnerability assessment?

Vulnerability assessment is a systematic process of identifying, analysing and evaluating potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities in an organisation on-premise and cloud-based IT infrastructure, systems, applications and networks.

Vulnerability assessments (commonly known as VAs) play a crucial role to comply with various data protection regimes or Monetary Authorities where the organisation operates in.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, organizations can proactively mitigate potential cyber threats and reduce the risk of data breaches, system downtime, and financial losses.

Regulatory compliance

Vulnerability assessments are a mandatory requirement to demonstrate compliance with various data protection, cybersecurity frameworks and financial authority regulations:

Cost Savings

Addressing vulnerabilities proactively is often more cost-effective than responding to a successful cyber attack, which can result in significant financial losses, legal fees, and reputational damage.

Improved Decision Making

Insights gained from vulnerability assessments inform security investment decisions, enabling organizations to allocate resources effectively and prioritize security initiatives based on risk profiles.

Types of Vulnerability Assessments

Cloud Virtual Machines

Cloud Databases

Cloud Data Lakes

Operating Systems


Network Firewalls

IoT Devices

Network Routers

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