Virtual CISO


What is the virtual CISO service?

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer, also known as a vCISO, provides organisations with expert cybersecurity leadership and guidance on a fractional or outsourced basis.

For organisations that must comply with various data protection regimes and financial regulations worldwide, a vCISO can be invaluable in ensuring a robust and compliant security posture across all business and cyber operations. This is especially true when entering new jurisdictions or countries to do business.

Leveraging a virtual CISO service, organisations can benefit from expert cybersecurity leadership and guidance without the need for a full-time, in-house CISO.

Large Language Models like ChatGPT, Claude.AI are a game changer for your organisation.

But are they safe to deploy to production?

Dynafense knows how to bring up your productivity, safely.

Strategic Advisory

Our strategic guidance and recommendations on cybersecurity investments lead to effective resource allocation, and risk mitigation strategies.

Cyber Advisory & Governance

We align to your organisation’s business objectives, risk appetite, and regulatory requirements, lowering operational costs.

Security Program Oversight

We provide guidance on the selection, implementation, and management of security technologies and solutions across your organisation’s global footprint.

Security Awareness

We promote a strong security culture and best practices across all levels of your organisation.

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