Red Team Exercises


What are Red Team Exercises?

Red team exercises are an advanced form of security testing that simulates a real-world, targeted cyber attack against an organisation’s systems, networks, and personnel. It is designed to evaluate the organisation’s overall security posture, including its people, processes, and technologies.

Organisations that must comply with various data protection regimes and financial regulations worldwide, a red team exercise provides a comprehensive and realistic assessment of their ability to detect, respond to, and recover from sophisticated cyber threats.

Comprehensive Security Evaluation

By simulating a realistic, targeted attack, red team exercises assess the effectiveness of your organisation’s entire security program, including technical controls, processes, and human factors.

Compliance Validation

Data protection and financial regulations, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and SOX, require your organisation to regularly test and assess their security controls and incident response capabilities, which can be achieved through red team exercises.

Incident Response Testing

Red team exercises provide an opportunity to test and validate your organisation’s incident response plans, procedures, and capabilities in a controlled environment, allowing for improvements before an actual cyber attack occurs.

Security Awareness and Training

Findings and lessons learned from red team exercises are used to enhance security awareness and training programs for employees, improving their ability to recognize and respond to sophisticated cyber threats.

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