Using SMS for marketing and communications? You got to know this

If you are an organisation using SMS for customer outreach for marketing, communications even for password changes, you probably know that Full SMS Sender ID registration will be kicking in on 31 January 2023 and this change will affect all Singapore-based cellphone numbers receiving SMS.

What’s SMS Sender ID?

This is similar to the Caller ID for phone calls except the Sender ID appears in the header of your SMS. In such SMSes, you will notice there is no phone number you can call back to.

  • Only Sender IDs belonging to organisations registered with the Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry (“SSIR”) will be permitted to be sent to Singapore-based cell phone numbers.
  • Non-registered SMS Sender IDs will be affixed with header “Likely Scam” for a period of six months from 31 January 2023. Following which, non-registered SMS Sender IDs will be dropped.
  • Registering SMS Sender ID can help to increase trust between your organisation and your customers.
  • Not registering SMS Sender ID may possibly expose your organisation to litigation if a customer suffers monetary or grievous loss.

Changes as of 12 Jan 2023 – Revised Registration Fees


One-time setup fee of $500 + Annual fee of $1000 per block of ten Sender IDs


One-time setup fee of $500 + Annual fee of $200 per Sender ID

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